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Just posting to say that if this topic gets heated or someone wants to rage their guts out, it will be locked. It's fine so far and I like the pace it's going at, so hopefully we can keep that up. :) But this is just a warning for now. These topics tend to get heated quickly, and I'm not going to let it escalate too much, so yes, one slip, and it's done. Unfortunately, that's just how former threads like this went and I don't want to deal with reports every other day in this thread. But like I said, it's fine right now, so carry on. :)

For the record, I love all generations. I think they all have their pros and cons. My favorite is gen III because I love the Pokemon designs and RSE has the most nostalgia for me. My least favorite is gen IV mainly because of DP's slow speed and I also just dislike the design of Sinnoh. It's a pain to get around, lol. But hey, that's what some people liked about it. Though there aren't any generations that I just hate for whatever reason. When I say I dislike gen IV, that's mainly directed at DP. Platinum is still great because at least it's more bearable to get around the region without you surfing like a slug or battling like an old person. And then I feel that HGSS restored gen IV even more. So's not really too much dislike for gen IV, just DP. lol

Basically, for me: III > V/II > I > IV

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