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    In these two images, I am facing a tile that should be walkable but for some reason has not been flagged as passable.

    The grammar in the Pokédex entries needs work still. So far the storyline bits, trainer comments, etc. aren't too bad.

    I am at the Feebas appearance area of the storyline. I have used my Pokéballs thinking I can buy more, and now cannot capture the Lv.3 Feebas facing me. Obviously I have to move on without it, but will I be able to capture another later? (EDIT: Never mind, I see I can...I just thought of checking the Pokédex just now and found it's the one to be found in the most places.)

    Humorously, one can run away from the Feebas and it vanishes...should be a no-run battle methinks...

    Speaking of the Pokédex, nice mix of Pokémon in later areas of those already seen in trainer battles; I look forward to getting a Stunky for some reason among the Fakémon. Glameow appeared to me occasionally on Route 402, and I think it's the strangest looking so far, but I believe it replaces Skitty due to the Fake Out I right? I don't think Meowth learns it that early. (I also just looked it up, and Stunky too; clearly I don't know the Gen. IV Pokémon yet, though the Gen. V stand out having completed the Unova Dex.) However, now that I am looking at the Pokédex, why is Charmander's entry not added to the Dex at 004? And why is Feebas the last entry at 140 when I have Pokémon over that? I thought Oak gave us the National Dex? Cascoon (and eventually Silcoon/Beautifly, but that's it for now, though Wurmple is also missing) at 268, Shinx at 270, Chikorita at 152, and Elekid at 239 should all be appearing...

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