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    Originally Posted by Cabe View Post
    Alignment: This is amazing! The story is spectacular and i love the whole Emon concept (most of all, because they're fakemon and not just overpowered pokemon). Also, the Oak Woods almost made my cry (lol), it's a perfect match between nostalgia and innovation. It's also great that you decided to redo the maps, it gives a reallistic touch that changes the whole game experience a lot.

    On the adopting & meeting people on the same mission: fascinated about both.

    On the day/night thing... i believe it could be really interesting if you use this in a different way like making night last longer (under the excuse of Tyes casting its shadow over the land or something) and give it some sort of effect (for instance: status problems may heal while walking during the night because of some spore that a tyes/tyesnian/don'tknowhowtosayit plants throw when it's dark). I don't know a thing about scripting, so maybe i'm asking too much I got really into the story and i just want to share my ideas.

    On the "father" thing... i agree that if you get to meet him, it should be something significant. Maybe everyone thought he was dead but instead he had been gone to a desolate and incomunicated part of Kanto to learn about/battle against some particular Emon (plural). Maybe every person that knew where he was was dead and therefore everyone just asumed he was too. Maybe the fact that certain people were killed made him unable to come back. Maybe you get to rescue him near the end and he holds the key to "put an end to the crisis". Maybe maybe maybe... :)

    I haven't read every post, so i can't say much more. For example, i'd like to try the beta before making any adopting suggestions. Still, if you need a beta tester, count on me. Maybe after beta testing i'll be able to say much more, since i'd really like to give some ideas if needed.


    Oh! here's my trainer:
    Trainer Name: (Cameraman) Anton
    Before Battle: Let's shoot an epic battle!
    Defeat: Well... we did.
    After Battle: I shoot everything. It is necesary with everything that is happening.

    (english is not my first language, correct if necesary and forgive my mistakes).
    Cabe, I love your post. Not because it's a combination of mindless praise and critic, but because of how detailed it is. I'm glad you like the story, and hopefully as you see more it'll get better and better.

    The day and night idea you had, making the night last longer, Pokemon having handicaps as the game progress, and even the mutant plants thing sound like pretty good ideas. However, there is a problem. With my current skill level, I'm unable to implement such a feature which interacts with the already esiting ASM routine. This is because I don't have a complete understanding of the ASM routine that was created for the day/night feature. I'll try look into some more ASM things in the very near future.

    As for the father meeting event/idea thing, it's not as easy as it sounds. In fact it would be a very delicate thing in the game, because if executed incorrectly it could ruin the game completely. I've already revealed that I was planning such an event in the features section which is partly why this will be hard. Creating such an event while avoiding the cliche and predictions by the player base requires a very unique and well planned out idea. I do indeed already have a plan set, however it's yet to be implemented. Once I'm sure that there will be synergism with the story and gameplay I will look into adding it.

    Your trainer script is actually pretty good. It's something that I would expect to see in one of GameFreak's games. I'll be sure to throw in some room for it too.

    Once again, thank you very much for the detailed post. It very well articulated your opinions and ideas about the hack and for that I'm thankful.

    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
    The trees in Oak woods are really nice :), though it doesnt really match the grass.
    What grass are you talking about? The long grass? The ground? Is it the palette or the tile? Both?
    These are questions that come to my mind when I read your post. I assume you mean the palette. I'd agree the big tree palettes are not very in sync with everything else. I will look into that.

    Progress Updates:

    In this update I cover the finished version of Oak woods, 2 routes and New Zelph. These 3 areas are completed and will be included in the beta.

    Oak woods

    Route 8

    New Zelph

    Route 9

    Sprite Updates (kinda):

    I recently tried spriting the trainer for Loyd. Then it hit me! Why don't I just use the one I made for bonds! (For those wondering bonds is my old hack which I started after Celestium, never finished because I corrupted the ROM like a complete noob.)

    That's him, overworlds and trainer sprite.

    My plan:
    1. Insert all sprites from updates into ROM hack
    2. Make up names for them (maybe you can help :D)
    3. Replay hack to ensure no serious bugs
    4. Get hack to beta testers. (Currently that's Cabe. Two others have asked, but have yet to contact me.)
    5. Fix bugs from tests
    6. Release public beta! Yay!


    I was happy. I love Charizard ;D