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This is my opinion of the episode, took from my post at gleeforum;

Originally Posted by Santana Lopez
Things I enjoyed;

- Sam and Marley interaction. During both the apologizing scene and the small cute part in Chasing Pavements, as much as I want Sam with Tina I think Marley will be his new girlfriend. But then again isn't she supposed to be dating Jake soon? idek

- Marley Rose. Literally one of my new favorite characters.

- The scenes between Marley and her Mother, they were beautiful. ;___________;

- Unique. I was so against Alex returning and then having Wade/Unique joining New Directions but omfg. Unique may just be my new favorite character. Unique's eyes, they are on FIYAH. And her small black woman comment to Artie had me in stitches. I love her so much. <3

- Brody. I believe Brody and Rachel will have something, we know that Finn gets a new girl and Finchel will break-up so what better person for Rachel to have as a boyfriend.

- Brittany's small comments (barring the Mercedes/Wade confusion). Especially the Lima Bean comment. Heather's execution was spot on.

- Hummelberry scenes. Especially the last one. <3

- Sugar's 'garbage bag full of soup' comment. I hate abuse towards bigger people but omg idk why I couldn't stop laughing. Vanessa needs more comedy lines, I'd love for her to have a comedy storyline.

- Cassandra having a drinking problem, they haven't touched alcoholism since S1 with April, however April was never angry like Cassandra was. I think her anger will continue to grow and she won't be one of those 'i'm a ***** because i want you to do well' characters, or 'i'm a ***** because i'm jealous of your talent', I believe she has a serious dislike for Rachel, and I was thinking that Rachel may call her out on her alcoholism again or bring up her bad broadway history and Cassandra could end up doing something really bad, like idk slapping Rachel? I know she was really nice to that student who got on broadway as a flying monkey but it could just be Rachel and muffin top that she dislikes.

- Sam Evans all together, tbh. Perfect angel.

Things I didn't like;

- Brittany's Mercedes comment.

- The lack of impressive performances. They were all missing something.

- Blaine being crowned the New Rachel. Artie shouldn't have put the results on a poll. Artie is more than capable of making tough decisions and choosing between people, if it was up to Artie he would have chosen Tina.

- Blaine in general tbh (this will probably be on all my episode rates etc)

- The fact that they told Unique to 'take her face off'. This also ties in with something I enjoyed, Alex's acting. We all know he isn't the best actor but in this one scene it was quite good. If he improves I can see Unique becoming one of the best characters.

Things I can't judge yet;

- Kitty and her jock clique.

- Will trying to get Jake into ND just because Puck was.

Overall I think it was quite a decent premier, not my favorite but certainly not the worst.
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