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    Okay, so here's another update. Seven gyms are completed, the overworld is completed, the only maps I need to create now are another mountain, the island where the League is and the airport. I'll probably finish the eight gym tomorrow, and then create these maps. It shouldn't take too long.

    I've updated the download link. Now the demo contains all 7 gyms.

    So... the island where the Pokemon League is located... I want a maze before the League, like the Victory Road. However, I'm not sure if it should be a cave, or maybe some outside maze, like a forest, jungle, or something like that. What would you like to see? I need your ideas!

    Also, I've decided to change one of the E4. I wanted the first member to be based on M. Shadows, the lead singer for the band Avenged Sevenfold (Whose real name is Matthew), but now I've changed my mind. I could base the first E4 member on any musician I want, but I'm not gonna do that - I want to base him on a musician you want! Create an E4 member, based on a rock/metal musician. If I like it, I'll put him in the game.