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Creed Reese
Oreburgh City

Creed kept his hand out, listening to what his opponent had to say. As he listened, a genuine smirk grew on his face, and once Alex was done, he put his hand back in his pocket. Then, he laughed. He laughed an incredibly genuine and hardy laugh. Creed didn't stop for several minutes, and when he did, he said, "Good God, you're like someone outta an anime!" He wiped a tear from his eye and then turned around. "You clearly have no comprehension of me, my thoughts, or the way I do things, and the fact that you're so aggressive without any Passive backing makes you basically a walking target. Your actions are gonna get you killed. I have no doubt that I could have killed you at any time in these past few minutes, but I decided not to, to hear what you had to say, and you couldn't be more wrong. Granted, your story's sad, but I don't really care about that, I wanted to know about you, not your history. You're too ignorant to the intents and feelings of others, as well as those of yourself. You're not even worth fighting." He started walking away and said, "by the way, that Double Team trick doesn't work on me, I can hear your breathing. Last I checked, fake images don't breathe."

He went towards where he last saw Amethyst. He approached her, knelt down, and asked, "Are you okay? He didn't hurt you did he?"
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