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Originally Posted by SunshineZMBI View Post
MY uncle started my collection for me from the beginning of Pokemon, so im not sure what i have thats worth of value but i'm doing my best to only bother you with the ones im sure are at least something

I have a TV Animation car of Wigglytuff, but the picture on the opposing side is Wartortle, hoe much do you think this is worth? I haven't spotted any other mistakes like it myself. Also a poliwag, with a dritini on the back, and a wnonat with a dragonair on the back, I have the entire deck of the TV animated cards, but so many of them have a pokemon on the back of the card that is wrong? Is that normal? I've had

Holographic MewTwo?

Mew Promo?

1st edition Dragonite?

1st edition Aerodactyl?

2nd edition Clefairy?

2nd edition Tangela with seriously distorted printing, everything is clear enough to read but its an overlay that was one in the factory?

Girafarig, it has double white stars with black outline.

I have a Gyrados with a red background, and it evolved from ponyta, its holographic, and it has the stats of rapidash.

Holographic Meowth spelled "Meowrh", has all the stats of a snorlax

And my most important question is:
I have over 40 rare cards from the first edition to the holographic, Who do i get ahold of to sell these?!?!?
Alright, first if you want me to Check those cards, you'll have to give me the card number which Is located in the bottom right corner of the card

And about the selling you mentioned... Most shops aren't looking into Pokemon cards anymore, so your chances of finding a shop to buy pokemon cards off you is rare.

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