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Originally Posted by Raging Man View Post
I've been playing the japanese version of Pokemon Black 2 for a while now and decided to finish the Black Tower once and for all to get the Shiny Gible.

So, i've been giving it a lot of though and since i will use Garchomp, is it a good idea to evolve my Shiny Gible to get a Shiny Garchomp which i know it looks terribly the same, or should i breed it to get one with a better nature (The shiny one has a Bashful Nature that doesn't lower nor increase stats) and keep the better looking Shiny Gible?
Shinies are always great to have , but remember it's only for rarity , not how it performs in battle .

IMO , I suggest breeding a gible with a better nature , and keep the shiny gible on the side

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