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    Its all personal.
    Basically depends on when you started figuring out the deeper parts of how the games work.
    But really, you can always make the next game an even greater experience if you want to.

    Originally Posted by Bluefire360 View Post
    Another thing that bothers me about the new generations is the absolutely massive amount of legendary pokemon that each introduces. I'm perfectly happy with a trio and a couple main ones. Now the last 2 generations had 13 legendaries each. Thats more than the first 2 put together. I'm also not fond of the way a couple of the new legendaries are portrayed, either. They make Arceus out to be God or something, thats a little bit too intense for something like Pokemon in my opinion.
    I realised that you only get this feeling if you browse the net for a full list of new pokemon on day 1.

    I mean sure, 13 is 13, and 13 is more than 6, but its not as bad as everyone always makes it seem.

    In RBY/GS playthrough you end up at the E4 with 4 legends:
    -the trio
    -the mascot
    In your random RS/DP/BW playthrough, you end up at the E4 with 5 legends:
    -the trio
    -an extra
    -the mascot

    The only thing thats really different is that there is now casual legends besides the trio (usually to spice up the post-game), but I always thought of those like pseudo-legends with just their final stage; and of course several event-legends to keep the generation alive by revealing them year by year.
    Take away the events and ignore the extra legend and nothing has changed.

    As for Arceus, its up to you to decide whether there is any credibility to the myths or if pokemon like this are just powerful pokemon. Their "myths" are never stated as fact.
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