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    I'm twenty and I remember the craze when I was 8, I can still picture the play ground with everyone trading cards. Everyone had a game boy at that point, so when the games came out we would sit on the street trying to level up the starters. The anime for me though, brought it all to life. With out it I wouldn't of got as hooked as I was and am today. Like many around my age, we all had a few years away from it all. I started it again after buying D/P, that's when I saw all of the natures, stat changes, breeding and such. So I fell out of love with it again, because even the anime became poor.

    I don't know whether as you get older you 'grow up' in a way. But it'll never be the same, the excitement of Pokemon will just be a memory I hope to fill again with the same enthusiasm.
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