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Hello everybody my name is Ipodcheese.SH but you can just call me ipod
I have been hunting for a few years on various Games and have successively hunted for 7 shinies and have traded 2.
Currently SR for an abra in the game center (5 at a time) on Heartgold and I'm REing in chargestone cave on my Black Version.
177 SR for abra
around 400 RE's for Chargestone Cave
Good luck to all hunts and
*May the shine be with you*
Shiny Hunter :D
My ShIny PoKeMoN HeRe --->

Credit: Varanus for the Shiny Card. Dragonitor for the Userbar. Brutakablaziken for the mudkip userbar
Thanks so much!
Master of Murkrows awesome shiny art shop here check it out!

Current hunts-
-Chargesone Cave- 400 RE
-SR Abra 170 SR 850 seen
*May the shine be with you*
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