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    I can do this jsut give me a couple minutes. gotta decide what I'm going with.

    Yeah I'll write up an SU as an ancient robot golem. Yes I realize how this works with now reservations just saying I'm writing one now.

    EDIT: I may upgrade this a bit. Just cause I think claire may have set the standerd a lot higher then the one I originally set...

    Theme: (sure why not)
    Name: Relak
    Nickname: LD- 444
    Age: being an ancient Relak is over six hundred years old
    Race: ancient robot golem

    Weapon: A massive pickaxe which he can link magnetically to his body (like how the ancient robots levitate their hands)

    Perks: Relak is one heck of a brute. His metal skin makes him resistant to weak attacks, and he holds great physical power. He has magnetic powers which allow him to move and attract metal objects. He also can resist great heat

    Faults: Relak’s vocabulary is lacking. He barely speaks the common tongue and often doesn’t bother to. Also due to his size he tends to be a bit of an oaf, and lumber about when walking. He also is very focused on protecting his friends over doing what he really needs to.

    Appearance: Relak in a very odd looking creature. Unlike the other ancient robots Relak is huge standing around eight foot, and weighs enough to easily crush a large stone underfoot. He also isn’t painted like the others, well he was, but it seemed to have worn off, and that happened before he'd even been with the other robots. His metallic body is purely a black iron like metal that seems to be highly conductive. His body is made of six main parts: a head, a torso, two arms, and two legs. Each part is kept aloft by magnetic forces from inside his body. Relak isn’t even streamlined and rounded like his brothers, his body being jagged and menacing. He was designed as such, but by who he doesn’t know. He does make the most of his appearance though and has acted as a guard for his little older brothers. From his claw like fingers to his Runic eyes Relak knows he is strong. ((I’ll try to get you the picture I drew for this, but it was in a notebook and well…))

    Personality: Relak does lack in have a variety of attitudes, but isn’t emotionless. He does know the basics like anger, sadness, and joy, but he lacks full understanding. Relak’s sense of duty is very strong and he will not back down very easily. Despite his short fallings when it comes to completing his objective he is very protective of his allies.

    Relak does have a negative side to his protectiveness aswell. If he doesn't know much of other people he typically assumes they are weak. Having come from a place where he was the only strong one, and he was a massive hulk, Relak assumes that strength is only found in big packages. Also when his anger comes out he'll go right into a rampage taking it out on whatever seems to be best to destroy. Usually he uses it as a way to vent rather then to hurt who ever got him angry unless of coruse it is a monster or something of that sort.

    History: Relak was activated in the early days of the Lanayru mining facility. It was blatantly obvious he wasn’t a little miner like his brothers. Instead Relak was put on guard duty, and was giving the job of exploring new caves. He took pride in his work for sure. Knowing he kept his little brothers safe. It was crushing to him that he couldn’t help out on the boats though, as the pirates that sailed out there were always causing trouble. He and his brothers never knew when he was built or by who. They do know that none of them did it though.

    Once while digging a new shaft the robots came across a large cavern filled with bomb flowers. The electric current flowing from the robots arced and lit one of the bombs setting off a chain reaction. Everything was falling apart around them. Stones began to fall, but Relak knocked them aside to stop them from falling on his brothers. The roof began to give way in a giant slab and all the robots rushed out as Relak tried to hold up the collapsing tunnel. He could feel as each bomb went off behind him trying to topple him. He refused to submit though. His optics began to fade as the weight became too much, and an image faded into view as the darkness came. A golden triangle.

    “Power…” Relak groaned as the cave collapsed around him.

    Then it all went red. His red runic eyes pulsed with energy and the magnetism holding him together gave off a red aura. He burst out of the rubble slowly made his way to the entrance.

    “Relak will protect!” He roared to his brothers.

    To this day Relak knows not what the triangle was, but still hasn’t broken his promise. When the miners came across a mysterious rift deep in the depth of the mines. Relak knew he had to be the one to explore it.

    “Brothers protect now.”

    He entered the rift in the earth and felt like he was falling, because he was.

    Ally Name: Digu (just pronounce it really fast to know how I pronounce it)
    Ally Appearance: a tiny mountain minish who stays in the hollow in Relak’s head (yes it’s empty all his stuff is in his chest). He’s only about two inches tall. He has spiky brown hair and beady black eyes. He has a little pair of goggles and always carries a hammer made of a piece of metal that fell off of Relak.

    Ally History: When Relak fell out of the rift he was about sixty or seventy feet above where the ground was. Sadly gravity still existed in this dimension and Relak plummeted to the earth. He landed and was deactivated for some time. Digu came upon him while out looking for rebuilding materials, the falling robot having caused an earthshaking in his village. Digu was fascinated about the strange machine and went about investigating it. He made a hammer from the strange metal the machine was made of and began to repair it. It took Digu over a week to repair Relak, but when he did Relak was very disoriented. He just stared at the minish with his glowing rune eyes. Digu was so excited seeing the machine work. Then another earthshaking happened. Relak got up from the crater he had made and placed Digu on his shoulder. He surveyed the area as the ground trembled. He looked up to see a rockslide coming down the mountain.

    “Me village!” Digu cried out in his tiny voice.

    Relak looked around unable to see any village, but none the less he braced himself and took the brunt of the falling rocks. From that point on Relak had a new little brother to take care of. Digu has been with Relak helping out as a guide and repairminsh.

    Ally Perks: he is very skilled at repairing Relak, but it does take time. He also is great with puzzles.
    Ally Faults: being so small Digu can’t help much in fights or help in physical labor.

    Password: All Hail Vaati

    Proof of Loyalty: Well besides me lacking anything else to do as I live on my computer… I’ve got a long history of finding one or two Rps and just sticking with them. I’ve been doing one for over a year, and that’s because I made one of my best friends doing it so a nice small RP with some pros may be a great chance to get to know you guys better and make the stay all worth it.

    RP Sample: (This can be as short or as long as you desire. Explain what you were doing on the day you stumbled into the dimensional rip, and how you ended up being sucked into it.)

    Beinga robot none of Relak’s brothers ever needed rest and neither did he so they would work from one dawn to the next. Relak kept a busy schedule of trying to reach all the shafts he could each day. He even occasionally helped unload the trade ships, but it wasn’t all too safe for him out there as he’d sink to the bottom of the harbor if he ever made the wrong step. As the sun rose that day he began the entire cycle over again.
    Relak had been going about his normal routine checking up one shafts D five and C four. It had been a good calm day. His brothers waved to him as he passed by. He waved back with his giant mitt, and it all was going so well. He had felt such great purpose in his duties. All his brothers defiantly knew the great purpose too as he was the one who kept them safe. Before Relak mining was a lot more dangerous, and they couldn’t go anywhere near as deep. Shaft C four was one of those much deeper shafts. As Relak descended he heard the chatter of his brothers, and wondered what it could be. There wasn’t any sound of panic so Relak kept an easy pace going down the sloped tunnel.

    “OH Relak great timing RZZT.” One said

    “Yeah look at this!” Another said pointing over at a very dark crag.

    “No matter what we do we can’t light it up. Relak can you go in and check it out?” The first asked.

    Relak nodded happy to do anything for his brothers. He approached the hole, and felt a force pulling him towards it. He easily resisted it, but the pull was still felt. Even with his simple mind Relak knew there was defiantly something different about this. He turned to his brothers and looked at them with concern.

    “Brothers protect now.” Relak said.

    All his brothers there looked up and him and nodded, but were very confused and concerned. Relak turned back to the crag.

    “Relak come home.” Relak told them all before jumping down the hole
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