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    I'm not all that bothered by hax. The way I see it, as long as it has the same chance to occur to everyone, across all your battles in theory your positive and negative hax will balance out. Plus, things like paralysis are used strategically to MAKE it more likely that you'll win. If you decide not to try to take advantage of paralysis, that's your choice and you should be affected by it.

    Besides, the game is all about prediction anyway, which is basically like a human hax factor. E.g., "it's most likely that the opponent will do this, but it's possible they would do this. But, I'll go with the safer option." There's really no telling WHAT they will do, you're just guessing what the odds are and then playing them. They might switch to Gengar to absorb Reuniclus's Focus Blast, or they might stay in with Zoroark to take a Psychic.

    And honestly, to me it actually makes battles more dynamic and interesting. It sucks to be defeated in the last second by a rogue crit, but man, do I feel good if I can come back in a battle despite having been critted at an important moment.

    If there was no sleep clause, I'd say spore. Confuse ray is irritating but it's not too big a deal since you can switch out. Really, if you ask me, what needs to go are those irritating gimmick strategies. I'm not talking gimmick as in unusual moves or things like trying to use gravity--I'm all for being out of the ordinary. I mean things like F.E.A.R., prankster copycat Riolu, or serene grace abusers. Seriously, scarf Serene Grace Jirachi basically breaks the game. Anything that makes "being able to hit normally" into hax (because it is less than 50% chance) should go. To me, it's the same as evasion moves, but worse since it does damage and doesn't even let you use support moves. Plus, he resists or is neutral to all priority moves, and has great base stats, so he can iron head all day long if he wants to. Yes, Heatran and others can resist iron head, but resistance does no good if you can't get a hit in. Plus, Jirachi can run drain punch, and, even disregarding that, it's not as if teams using Jirachi only use Jirachi. All you need is a counter to Steels and you're done, unless the opponent happens to run a faster scarfer with a fire move or earthquake. Even electrics, fires, and waters don't really matter considering they usually don't have the defense that steels do. Add this to the fact that Jirachi can run leftovers and protect to stall for recovery and you get one bull**** pokemon.

    As for weather, it bugs me how centralized the metagame is around it. But, the fact that it is so prevalent makes me absolutely love trying to beat weather teams without weather of my own. Still, the fact is that weather totally imbalances the playing field because suddenly your opponent gets a huge inherent advantage, making resistances into neutral damage and 2x into 4x weaknesses. They may have banned swift swim + drizzle, but permanent rain or sun (but especially rain) is still pretty broken since you really don't have to pay any cost for the boost (like you would if you had to spend a turn using sunny day/rain dance and two more to switch and use it again every time the sun/rain runs out).
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