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Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Finally!!! a Gen5 PMD game!

Oh! Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,Gimme,... haha xD

Man, from all these years it's finally here!

Just a letdown that you'll only get to pick Pikachu as a starter...
But, still it's kind of a challenge like what the creators did with Yellow, I think this will go with a BOOM! xD

This is now a another reason for me to get a 3DS!
I'm really excited about this too, but I'm pretty sure it will let you pick from those five, it says on Serebii that possible Pokemon are those five, and the pre-release pics from the site also has a picture titled "Awaking as Axew".
So, I'm guessing we'll pick from those five.

I'm going to be extremely excited when this comes out.
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