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(Due to extreme muse problems relating to PC and not any RP specifically I've been forced to try to force myself to relax. That'll mean shorter posts. You'll forgive me for this, I hope. Also, PC had the guts to eat my post the first time I tried to post it while I'm going through this. I don't often have to restrain myself from swearing, but when I do it's for a good reason.)

Julia Blackwood - Heroes' Loft
Julia listened to what Chester had to say. It was weird for her, thinking that he would be an elite come next year. It kind of made her think of the elites in a different light actually. Or at least... it almost did. She couldn't let herself grow soft. The elites needed to be targets to be taken down. She couldn't fail. Everything depended on her success. She was here to save what she was on the verge of losing, not to gain something she did not need. "Oh... alright!" she said, satisfied with Chester's answer. It was then that Kiba returned. "Well, I guess we're off to get our jobs done!~" she continued in a mildly humorous tone before turning to Kiba. "We've got to find Shadoan so that we can let him know about the morning shift..." she said before casually making her way off, presumably in search. She expected Kiba to follow, or even lead the way. Nothing was stopping him.

...It was only once they'd made a fair distance away from Chester that she spoke up again. "So... how about that telepathy, huh?" she asked in a mildly awkward tone, giving Kiba a chance to talk more about this superpower he apparently had. It was interesting to her anyway.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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