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    I remember when Pokemon was in its fad days and EVERYONE was into Pokemon in some way, through the anime, the TCG, or the Burger King toys the had to promote the first movie. (We traded and battled all the time before they banned all toys and cards from school.)

    Personally, I just think the games are fun. They may no longer have that "magical" feel to them but that's just age. I always look forward to a new main series game, and will be buying Black 2 (changed my mind from White 2) as soon as they come out here. (US)

    I also try not to compare new generations to the older ones. For me, it's all about fun. As long as the games are fun, I'll keep buyin'. And new Pokemon are always cool to me. More Pokemon means more teams and combinations to create! Overall, I keep playing Pokemon because I enjoy the games.
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