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    Originally Posted by snowfur View Post
    I've been trying all day to challenge the flamerny gym and I know you have to battle professor Ellie to get into the cave. The only this is I can't find professor Ellie anywhere to battle her. I even went back to the lab where she only repeats the the same dialogue over and over again. One weird thing did happen though because the game did a complete loop where I got to pick my starter again and I had to fight Pearl and Yellow again. I did all the events again but Professor Ellie still won't battle me. Is this a glitch? and does this mean I can't go on? I can't do the walk through walls cheat either because I play on and prefer not to download things on my computer if I don't have to since my laptop is really slow.
    It's always better to download the latest beta when you start playing. That way, if you hear of a new build, you can replace it yourself without waiting for the site to update; if you then find a game-stalling glitch that works in the older version, you can swap them back around to get around it then go back to the new version, etc. (Provided the area in question isn't new in the build you have the problem in.)

    That's just one example. Let's also assume your Internet dies briefly. You can keep playing locally, not on the site.

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