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After I beat
Gary's Slugma, and yes, I saw that message
is that it? Quick Claw Destiny Bond works wonders...

Rock Tunnel on the other hand was absolutely evil; I went into
The Point of No Return with a single Ultra Ball after catching Zapdos, needless to say, I didn't catch Articuno.

Oh yeah, I got a shiny Anorith at the beginning of the game, I'm glad that you gave it Signal Beam so it could actually be a Bug type.

Might as well post my "final" team:

Moltres Lv. 61
Slowbro Lv. 63
Banette Lv. 62
Armaldo (shiny!) Lv. 63
Ampharos Lv. 61
Salamence Lv. 62
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