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Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
I rather like the fact that we're not crazy competitive. It makes community tournaments more casual (whenever they actually pan out -- possibly a side effect of being too casual? :/). But I do like knowing that a member's value in the community isn't solely dependent on their rank or position in battling.

Have we ever tried to do a super watered down tutoring program? Like, more experienced members just following up on recent RMT post / new members via VM? Because that kind of individualized attention may keep new people active.
As an old fogey, I'd like to give my viewpoints on tutoring schemes. I have attempted to run them for various facets of the site at various times and with completely different ideas of how to run them, and all of them failed some way or another. The point is this: if people don't have a reason to belong to PC CBC, they will not stay. And the main flaw with CBC - what's the draw? Why should people be interested in coming here and participate in this forum?

There's not much you can offer people that's better than what Smogon can provide (and as much as you don't want to think about it, Smogon is indeed a direct competitor to the battling forum here). Tutoring? Smogon has that system down pat. RMTs? All of the experience and many, many of the best raters are found across the pond. What is it that PC has to offer that other competitive battling forums do not? Smogon has its reputation, size, and general strong presence; Nugget Bridge has complete and total dominance over the VGC metagames and has nearly all of the top minds working for them over there; even smaller forums like PokeBeach and Serebii have their own draws that keep people competitively interested.

I guess my point is this: until people have a reason to believe that CBC is worth coming to and staying at (be it for the community, or whatever you guys choose to work on), it will be very difficult to achieve and maintain activity here. I really hate to say it, but right now CBC just looks like another one of those spin-off competitive forums that have nothing to offer aside from a different group of people that peruse them. Baby steps first, I know, but just something to think about.