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    Originally Posted by joeydungee View Post
    Thank you. Unfortunately though, I am using a mac. I have tried downloading VisualBoyAdvance before but it didn't work. I wish you luck in updating this mod and finally, I want to let you know how much I enjoyed playing it.
    Google "VisualBoyAdvance Mac" and get the emulator suitable for your system.

    Also, thanks for clarifying those things out for me CycloneGU! That way, I don't have to do everything myself which is a good thing (putting this line in here so that you won't think about it in a negative which I didn't want to).

    Anyway, about the freezing problem:
    The version available in vizzed is Beta 3.0 and the one out is a newer one (3.1) but there was no bug fix for that freezing problem between these two. In other words, it should not freeze when you try to enter Brightbulb City through that gate. What I believe is that the ones who uploaded the game to that site (I didn't although there is stated "creator: miksy91") somehow messed up when uploading the rom image to the site or just that the emulator on the site doesn't support the game in a way it should which causes the freezing. No one has reported Beta 3.1 to freeze in that part of the game so I know that Beta 3.0 shouldn't freeze at that point either --> Vizzed's rom is buggy or the emulator in there doesn't support it.

    Anyway, here is something about the progress:

    WEST-SUDEN is almost 100% COMPLETE!
    I've finished areas 113-115 and 117-120, created caves called Beast's Lair and Cave of Illusions, and both one town and a bigger city. To get stuff finished here, I would only have to do the Research Center (Argent Warehouse) and another special area which won't be enterable when you reach that point of the game.

    Beta 4 is still a long way ahead and I can say for sure that it won't be released this year and I can't promise anything about it's release date as of now. I've decided it to contain lots of major storyline-related events including finding the Elemental Orbs, visiting Rocky Mountain, ..., and there will be more to come which I unfortunately cannot list here

    Also those who are interested about special pokemon that would be available in this version I've, here you go:

    Articuno, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Super Onix!
    My Rom Hack

    Fixing bugs in a ROM hack
    CP of encountered pokemon in GO

    Learn how to hack GB/C games:

    Check my GameBoy/Color hacking videos in Youtube
    -The video set uses Pokemon Silver (U) rom for demonstrations
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