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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
What Live didn't add is that the amount found in captivity happened because a female was held captive alone with no males to breed with her. This is important because there were males in the wild environment, and the female was still reproducing asexually. Considering this asexual reproduction has created weak, sickly babies a lot of the time, it raises the question of why, when there's a higher chance of getting viable offspring from sexual reproduction, why asexual reproduction would occur at all. It makes sense in the captive animals that had no males to reproduce with, but it happening in the wild like this is pretty mind-blowing.
Ah right, I see.

Still the species I linked above have entire wild populations of females with absolutely no males present - which is certainly interesting. Studies also show that females 'mate' with each other, possibly as a way to kickstart the asexual reproduction.

Which I guess technically makes them lesbian lizards .
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