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I'm liking what I've seen so far, which is nice for someone hyped like I am.

The new character designs were pretty interesting, and I love Mei (the female player character) already. She's so cute and I love her hair. Most of the new characters have already become my favorites, including Colress and Roxie.

I have to admit the player characters in this had the cutest designs so far. Cheren and Bianca also look way cuter than they did in the original B/W.

The inclusion of non-Unova Pokemon is nice, cos I like having balanced teams and they included a lot of fan favorites like Eevee and Lucario. (And I'm definitely gonna use a Lucario)

I watched Marriland's playthrough of the Japanese Black 2 on YouTube and I'm already liking the story, gameplay and aesthetic changes.

The Move Tutors are also a great feature that just had to return, cos look at all the awesome moves they can teach your Pokemon! I'm definitely investing in them when I get to it.

I'm hoping to get (probably) Black 2 at the end of the year and I'll play through it as quickly as I can.
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