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"Arc you ready to go?" Spark was packing some supplies. She packed the guard's knife, bread, berries, some flint and tinder, and some clothes to trade with. She also packed a sword she had bought for Arc that he could channel his electricity through. He thought it was some sort of toy, and practiced with it every day. She really had no idea how the person who sold it to her got it but it cost her almost a weeks worth of clothes. He had said he and a group of people did it from an old iron works near Eterna.

"Yea sis, I can't wait to go! Do you think we can make some new friends?" Arc came up and put her hand on his shoulder.

"You know we can't, nobody in this world can be trusted." She placed the sword wrapped in some cloth in his hands, "That is why we fight remember." If I can help it, there will be no more groups, no more organized people. Just pure chaos, then when everyone has nobody I will feel satisfied. But first I have to make sure Arc and I can live to see the day. Arc took the sword and slung it over his back and smiled,

"Then when we are done fighting, we will all be free to play right!" Spark nodded, "Then lets go!"

"You remember the rules for going to the Underground?"

"Rule one- don't talk to anyone, at all.
Rule two- Don't move from your side.
Rule three- No fighting.
Rule four- Don't tell anyone where we live, and don't buy anything.
and Rule 5- Don't let on that we have spirits!" Arc gladly finished listing the rules, and spark nodded.

"Even if we get in a fight, only use the sword and your bare hands." We are surrounded on both routes be hostile adult cities, and we can't just blast through either of them. If we go around Jubilife and straight to Oreburgh we can take the mine entrance to the underground and to Children's city, we can be safe there and even pick up more contracts.

They left their cave and moved the rock back in to place, I have a feeling we may not be back here again. They set of south, following the road and hopped through the trees in the forest. They passed through a town that housed gangs. Great, so early in our travels and already a fight.

She poked Arc with her elbow, and whispered, "Get ready to fight, remember no using abilities." It is a good practice, hopefully the practicing we've been doing should be sufficient, "Come on you cowards, I know you are watching!"

Slowly adults walked out, they had bats, clubs, and kitchen knives. "Well what do we have here, a stray group of runts?" One of the men stepped out from the group, "Well we haven't had a good kid stew in a while, right boys!" They all cheered. Spark rolled her eyes, Such a ragtag group of idiots, I can't wait to kick the smile off of this guy's face. They circled around them all grinning evilly.
"What are there like twenty of you, versus two of us? I doubt ten on one is fair." She pulled out the guard's knife and channeled some electricity through it and Arc pulled out his sword, he channeled a small amount of electricity through it also. "But I suppose if you want to lose, then you will continue." She sprinted up and uppercut the man who spoke up, she then tripped the closest man and kicked him in the head, knocking him out. She then managed to stab another man right below the rib cage.

Arc got into a position that he had practiced before and charged up to an adult on the other side of where Spark was fighting. He knocked two guys out using the hilt of his sword.

As five of their men had been taken out almost instantly, the others suddenly realized what was going on. They moved in to attack, but the twins were to fast. Then men split up, seven against Spark, eight against Arc.

Spark dodged a swing of one man's bat, they didn't stand very close due to the nature of a swing, making it easier to take them out. She dodged one swing, grabbed his arm and broke it. She then threw a punch at the man behind him, landing straight in his face. "Ha, must've shattered your nose with that one!." She put her knife away and took his bat. She blocked a swing and then ducked under another, she swung her bat and broke another man's legs. She began to laugh sadistically, "You guys are so weak." She became more and more violent, she started losing control and showed no mercy.

Now instead of dodging she would take the swing, she wasn't feeling pain anymore. She began to laugh harder, breaking one man's spine and slamming another one's face into the ground. The last two men began to show fear and back up, "What's the matter? Your precious organizing isn't working? Your poor little gang can't beat us?" She stood up and began slowly walking toward the last two men who were cowering.

Arc was dodging every swing. He was serious about beating them, he knew killing them wasn't the goal and tried not to do any fatal blows. He stabbed one man in the leg, incapacitating him, and hit another with the flat of his blade. Two. He counted the amount he had beaten. One man charged at him with a knife, Arc parried the lunge and hit the man with the side of his sword. The electricity paralyzed the man and caused him to fall over.

Arc decided the sword was to lethal and planted it firmly in the ground. He then began to use his hands and feet to fight. He swung his elbow onto the side of one man's head, knocking him unconscious. He then punched another man in gut and kicked down on his back. Five. A man was about to swing but Arc grabbed his arm and threw then man over his shoulder into a wall. The last two guys decided to charge in at him at the same time. Arc grabbed one, and pulled him in. The other didn't react fast enough and swung at the other man, hitting him right in the ribcage. The last man decided to run away and Arc allowed him to.

The two men left with spark tried to run, but they got stuck at a wall. Spark walked past Arc's sword and pulled it out of the ground without stopping. "What is the matter? I thought you guys were hungry?" She laughed, "You should try to eat more, you're as thin as a sword."

Then men had intense fear in their eyes. "P-please don't kill us, we're sorry." One of the men begged. He got on his knees and crawled up to her, "Spare us and we will never hurt another child again." The man sobbed

Spark grinned, she wasn't able to be reasoned with. She lifted the sword and slew the man. She looked at the other, "Well he died like he should have, begging and pleading for his life." She lifted her sword and began walking to the other man. He tried running again but tripped, "Go on, beg for your life. I might give it to you."

The man just sat there terrified, "I-I won't beg for my life. W-we wouldn't have done the same for you." The man trembled.

"Very fine words, the wrong words. But true words indeed." She lifted her sword and was just about to kill him. But Arc stopped her. "Who is..." Arc looked at her seriously.

"Our goal isn't to kill these men," He took the sword out of her hand and forced it into the ground, "Let this man go." Spark began to regain control, and nodded.

She kicked him as hard as she could in the leg, breaking them, "You're lucky he spared you, but I hope you can crawl to the nearest city and if I catch you with any gangs again, I'll kill you got it." The man nodded, though he was in intense pain. They then began walking toward Jubilife.

"Spark, I don't want this sword. It is too lethal and I don't want to kill if I don't have to." He handed her the sword, "I think you can use it better."

"Arc you need to keep it, the sword is a symbol of your restraint." She pushed it back to him, "The sword should be used for protection, and as a reminder that you have humanity." Something that I no longer have.
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