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question about Breeding in the 3rd Gen. im very experienced in Breeding in the 4th gen. but i have been playing on 3rd Gen Leafgreen. the Breeding seems to be alot more difficult, or maybe Random is the word.

i was trying to Breed a Male Adamant Slowpoke. both Parents were Adament, Adamant Ditto and a Female Adamant Slowpoke. after filling 3 boxes ((90 slowpokes)) i only ended up with 2 Adamant Slowpokes and both were Female. no males !

i was even trying to use Hold items like an Everstone to better the chance of Transfering the Nature.

is Breeding in 3rd Gen more difficult or any Different from Breeding in the 4th gen ?

if someone could drop me a Link to which hold items effect breeding it would be much appreciated. thanx
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