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Originally Posted by RaulCortez View Post
Feel free to disagree with me, but in my opinion, if you are a moderator, a responsability of it should be to stay as neutral as possible. That means setting your negative emotions aside as much as possible, in order to keep a friendly atmosphere. Pretty much like customer service.

And it should feel like a some sort of laid back job (but still a job), even if it's not and you're not being paid for it, as you're responsable for the correct functioning of a part of the big machine that is a forum.

Oh and, yes, i know reporting is the best way to handle those situations, but i'm not posting this thread because i don't know how to handle that, just to give feedback about a recurrent situation that's happening on this forum.

I understand you may not be feeling well or having a good day, but if that's the case, then simply don't comment or mod at that time. Just wait until you're in a better mood. It's better than coming off as rude and uncaring.
I agree with your first paragraph. I think it's best for moderators to not reply at all if they're having a bad day and would let that affect their reply, but I recognize that PC is an outlet for most of us who come here. But I also agree with Sydian in that it isn't that big of a deal here. A topic like this comes about every few months. Sometimes moderators reply with snarky replies and the member gets offended, and that's usually what it is when problems like this pop up. I disagree with the "but still a job" part. PokéCommunity should be a hobby for everyone - including staff, and the moment a staff member feels that it's becoming a job is the moment that they should reconsider their position, I think.