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But there is rarely any rudeness in the eyes of the average PC user, and when there is it is dealt with accordingly by the h-staff. So if you feel this is a big enough problem that it requires a thread on it, then your definition of 'rudeness' is far different from the accepted definition on the forum. This is where the defensiveness comes from - when you imply that anything less than perfect neutrality in all situations is 'wrong' for a moderator, you are insulting actual people that spend time moderating the forums and have an in-depth knowledge of the attitude of PC, what is socially acceptable here and what is not, which is something that's gained with time and experience on the forum. Being a moderator on another forum doesn't mean much when you change forums, since every single forum is different. For example, SPPf and Smogon tend to have a harsher environment than PC so their moderators act accordingly. BMGf has many, many moderators per section so their jobs don't require them to be on as much as PC moderators. Every forum is different and every forum needs to be treated differently, so the point of your lack of knowledge of the attitude of PC is quite valid as your opinion is based on how you think moderators of your forum should be, not moderators of PC. PC has its own culture and its own way of doing things, as does every forum, so being active and learning the ins and outs of members and moderators here is advisable before you start criticizing. For example, PC is seen as one of the most pleasant Pokemon forums to be on. Criticizing PC for being too harsh is strange considering a lot of other forums see PC as basically the kiddie pool of Pokemon forums with rubber floors and rounded corners so no one hurts themselves with big bad words.

Edit: Some mods are approachable, some aren't. While in an ideal world every mod would be bubbly, outgoing, and 100% approachable by any member, it is not required of a moderator to be approachable (unless you're in NU/W, generally that's one of the traits of the mod of that section). I agree that the ideal is robotically friendly mods that never have bad moods and always know just how to be pleasantly neutral in a situation and are perfect, but no one should expect or ask any moderator that's a human being to be that way. We are humans before we are moderators.

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