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Originally Posted by Minzy View Post
Oh no, dear, I didn't mean to sound like Moderators shouldn't be respectful in the majority of situations (all if it can be helped) but like mentioned in the thread before, Moderators are people, and those people have feelings just like you do, and they have lives and sometimes life gets the best of them just like you. I'm sure you understand that well, so if you do, also understand that a Moderator's primary concern, once again, should be to moderate their forums to the best of their ability and anything else is up to them to let out - as people. Just like any other member can be a bit... venomous in some replies, it'll happen to the Mods too and if you see a problem with it, talk it out with that Mod and I'm sure they can apologize and make up for their actions, as it was most definitely not on purpose or controllable by any means.

//rant rant rant
Believe me Minzy, if it was something that i saw once, or twice, i wouldn't be making a thread about it. But i've seen some mods acting like that on most of their posts, which is why i started this feedback thread. Not to tell them how to act or behave really, but as advice.

I completely understand that mods are humans and we all have bad days, of course, but like i said before, it is human reasoning to say "I'm not having it today, i just won't answer" not only for the community, but for themselves, so that people won't say "he/she is so rude" or be afraid of asking on the section said mod is in charge of.

It was all friendly advice.