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    Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
    Here in Central Time Zone it comes on at about 8 or 9 in the morning and comes on daily on Boomarang at about 5 to 6. But answer you question,yes I think they should just go ahead and start making it for older viewers. I don't really see much pokemon stuff anymore at all in stores. Most kids probably don't know what it is now. I don't even see the games being as popular for kids now. It's mainly 13+ kinds I see getting the games.
    With Pokemon being Nintendo's 2nd biggest franchise, even above The Legend of Zelda, I doubt the majority of kids don't know what Pokemon is. The only reason people suspect Pokemon is "fading" is because it was a fad years ago and nearly everyone was into Pokemon for a while. But the most important thing people need to look at is the sales of the main series games. Gen 5 broke sales records, which is a good sign that the games are still popular, with B2W2 selling also selling well. (And they've yet to be released internationally)

    As far as toys go, there was a good long time that the Walmart where I live didn't carry any Pokemon toys. But they started again when Gen 5 started. I think Pokemon is still very popular, it just isn't a fad anymore.
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