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    Originally Posted by Rukario View Post
    First I want to thank you for your feedback, we always want to hear from those that visit and participate in the community!

    I'm finding that this rudeness and "above you" is a worldwide trend and not just happening here on PC. Its like you get a slight position of authority and BAM it all goes straight to your head and you lose all sense of yourself. I dunno what it is, but it effects many people in many ways, usually in a bad (compared to their normal self) way.

    We go to great pains to choose mods here, just ask any mod. we look at previous post, the tone and quality of the posts, knowledge of the subject matter (mod area, or topics) and for over all personality and how they've behaved on the site. We can't predict what will happen when someone is handed a messy forum that they feel obligated to 'clean up'. A lot of time, mods resort to brute force, or becoming stern and cold. Its usually self-induced stress and goes away when they feel their area is up to the standards they envision for it.

    With all that in mind, we will again remind the staff that they need to be respectful, calm, and courteous towards users.

    But this is a double-sided sword too. Users need to respect the mods, they are just trying to do their non paid, volunteer based jobs, and make the community a better, spam and trash free place.

    If any user has a specific problem with a mod or any staff member, feel free to PM any higher staff and they will look into it and take appropriate action.

    Thank you so much, Rukario!

    That was exactly my point for this feedback, and that's exactly the reason why i did it, just as a simple friendly reminder of a situation i saw.

    Thanks again!

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