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So, my advice as senior staff member of the forum:

- If you have a particular problem with members being rude, please report it to us. Posts mistaking "that sucks period" as valid criticism are not allowed in any of the boards where critiques are encouraged, and will be dealt accordingly with.

- If you have a particular problem with some individual mods being rude to you, please report it to us via PM (or just clicking the report button on whichever post you consider rude) and we'll study the case and, if deemed serious, talk to the particular moderator and/or punish him/her. We have done it before and we'll do it again if we have to.

- If you think all the members and/or all the mods are rude, and you simply don't like the atmosphere here, I'm afraid that my best advice is moving to another forum. I have read the "how to choose a good mod" list you posted and I can't think of any of our current moderators who doesn't fit in there. Again, if you know something we don't, report it to us.

And with this and Rukario's post, I'm going to close this thread since you clearly have reached the people you wanted to, and these threads can get ugly pretty quickly.

We don't encourage staff members going rude, and we try to avoid it, although, as you said, you can't expect every mod to sympathize with every user.
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