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Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
At the period of time, they were due for a graphical update, they couldn't stay in RBYGSC graphics forever, it was just the time that they advanced in that field.
He was talking about having Hoenn in even better graphics, not about it having better graphics than RBYGSC, haha.

Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
There's internet. You won't be in the dark with this part. Just use Serebii. lol Nothing wrong with challenge in a game, honestly. I always thought the way you obtain the Regi trio was far superior to how you get other trio Pokemon in other games. They're usually just sitting on a silver platter for you, especially in later games. With this trio, you actually have to unlock them and then you have more things to do just to get in the door, which is awesome imo. Makes it seem more adventurous. Besides, they're not required to complete the game, so idk how that has anything to do with making the game easier. It's a side quest type of deal when you think about it, and side quests are, imo, meant to be a bit more challenging and brain wracking than the main story or puzzle.
I loved having the challenge, too. I remember even having a slight challenge with the original main game, it took me a while to realize how you're supposed to get into Sootopolis(with the vast ocean routes, the whole diving concept was still a bit new/confusing at the time to me so...yeah).

One can only hope that this time around the puzzles will be even tougher.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?