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    Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
    Gen V for the sheer amount the amount of unique and giving a much needed dragon/fire type
    What about the other Generations? What did you make of them?

    Your post might need a large revamp, because it is just one line/sentence. The other questions listed above are acceptable/suitable for the revamp so you might want to edit it quickly - We don't really allow one sentence/line posts.

    Answering The Current Topic:

    I agree with you and Seraphimon-Sama that Generation V did introduce a lot of unique Fire-Types - Ones that are both walls and sweepers. They also added the mighty Reshiram, which goes all the way up to the top of The Strongest Fire-Type, tied with Ho-Oh (Which would beat Reshiram anyway). Over the years, Fire-Type has it's ups and downs, especially in Generation III, where the new Fire-Type Pokemon were either not that strong, or just has a horrendous design/move-set. Noticeable Fire-Types who are like this are the Numel Line. They had both the downfalls. Plus, Fire and Ground don't mix well in my opinion (4x weak to Water, loads of weaknesses... That's gotta hurt).