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    Originally Posted by Nineray View Post
    woah thats above and beyond i hope you don't mind if i take these rules add them to the optional rules or give them their own section. I'm gonna try this myself when im done with my four other challenges :p
    Hehe, and yeah feel free to add them up if you'd like.

    My entire Blue, N run will be documented here.
    Beat Brock and Misty.
    (Screenshots with text, sorta a comic format but not really)
    Please let me know if any images go down. I'll fix them.

    Boulder Badge

    Started a new game in blue!

    And of course I have to name my character N.

    I'm fairly certain I knew this already Prof.
    I was going to go make some new friends!

    Wait. What? You're giving me a Pokemon?
    But what if I don't want to be a Pokemon Trainer?!
    Alright... If you wont take no for an answer, I'll take SQUIRTLE!

    Woah, woah. Hold up there Blue.
    I don't wanna have a Pokemon battle with you.
    What if we hurt our Pokemon?
    I would never forgive myself.

    Squritle Keep using tackle!
    You'll beat him eventually!

    You're more worried about having lost the battle?
    What about your Bulbasaur?
    You're going to be a horrible pokemon trainer, I just know it.
    People like you don't deserve to have Pokemon as their friends.

    After the battle, I brought my Squirtle to my house for a short rest.
    I needed to start making my way to Viridian City.

    I fought my first Pokemon on route 1.
    Thankfully I didn't have to battle anymore on the way there.

    A nice man gave me a free Potion Sample.
    For which, I was very grateful as it turns out Viridian City
    doesn't have any in stock right now.

    I healed Squirtle, since he looked a little tired.

    And ended up playing Delivery boy.

    I battled a Rattata and Pidgey on the way back and Squirtle
    grew to level 7.

    Oak gave me a Pokedex, against my wishes.

    I leveled Squirtle to Level 8 on the way back to Viridian City.
    Here I bought 10 Pokeballs and 5 Antidotes.

    I tried catching a Pidgey, and failed.

    Heading to Route 22, I captured my first Pokemon.
    Say hello to Nidoran (F) everyone!

    I brought the poor thing to the Pokemon Center right away.
    I'll level him up a bit on Route 22 with Squirtle.

    Caught a Spearow <3
    Leveled him up a bit, when I ran into

    I returned to the pokemon center to heal.

    My Party thus far.

    I'm sorry my friend, I failed you.
    I pushed you too far against that Spearow.
    I should have realized.
    At least your back home with your friends now.

    Nidoran (F) evolved!
    It seemed to make her very happy.
    She'll be able to take care of the other Nidoran's when she returns home.
    (Screen Shot was taken just now, when I realized I had forgotten.)

    Oh, its you again.
    I can't admit I'm happy to see you.

    I'm soo sorry Bulbasaur.

    Thank you for your help Squirtle!
    Time to head to Viridian Forest.

    I forgot to grab a screen shot of capturing Caterpie.

    But look! She must really want to be a Butterfree

    A surprising find.
    I'm glad he'll assist me in the upcoming Gym Battle.

    I'm getting a bit forgetful here, forgot to show Metapod evolving!

    But here is my team.
    I think I over did it but Brock should go down easy.

    The trainer was easy,
    now for the challenge.

    I forgot how over powered Psychic attacks were in Gen I.
    Or... I was just over leveled.

    Goodbye my friends!
    Thank you for your assistance!

    Butterfly will remain with me until I have captured a new Pokemon.

    Cascade Badge

    I forgot about how many trainers were on this route. I'm all out of potions now.
    I sold my TM's for some extra cash, and bought a few more pokeballs and Potions.

    Defeated the last trainer between here and the first patch of grass.

    The first pokemon of the route.
    This is getting ridiculous ha ha.
    Not that I'm complaining.

    I let Butterfree go back home.
    I was sad to see her go, but she really did belong back in the forest.

    Bit of a level montage.
    Had some pretty close calls,
    but in the end we made it.

    I caught a new friend!

    We got a bit carried away in training...

    But we both agree it was worth it.

    Upon arriving at the Mount Moon Poke Center
    I decided to purchase Magikarp.

    With Pidgeotto and Jigglypuffs help, we turned him into a fighting force!

    The first pokemon of the cave.

    Team Rocket?!
    What are they doing here?!

    I refuse to show mercy to those who would use pokemon as nothing more then tools!

    I caught another pokemon on the way to defeat every Team Rocket Agent in the cave.

    That organization, cannot continue to exist.

    I didn't really want a pokemon fossil.
    But I wasn't given a choice...

    Paras helped me the last few steps out of the cave.
    Which was very nice of him, I had gotten lost after I escape roped out to heal.

    This guy. I'm really starting to hate him.
    He only seems to care about getting stronger.

    I sometimes wish that I could free that Bulbasaur of his.
    I'm sure if I asked it, it would want freedom.

    Team Rocket is here too?
    I'm glad I ran into Officer Jenny,
    now I can be on the look out for more of those thugs.

    It turns out the bridge was an elaborate scheme to find strong trainers.
    But me?
    Join Team Rocket?!
    I'd die fighting first.

    But, Pidgeotto lent me her strength and we had no problem taking the agent out.
    For someone who was meant to recruit trainers...
    I felt he was weaker than I had expected.

    I ran into a Bellsprout by the river.
    I was glad to have him with me.

    I was never expecting an Abra to join me as well.
    They don't tend to like humans very much, so it was a huge surprise.
    Teleport came in very handy when we were training,
    it was a big help and making the team stronger.

    With travel time shortened, we were able to train for longer.
    I used that time wisely increasing my whole parties strength.

    I... I failed you both.
    I'm sorry for working you too hard.

    I eased up on the training a bit.
    Healing them more often.
    I was forced to sell any items I didn't need to purchase more supplies.

    Paras evolved.

    Moral indecision.
    He created the PC Box system in Kanto,
    which allows trainers to keep untold amounts of pokemon...

    But... What about the Pokemon he's been merged with?
    In the end... I decided to help Bill out.

    And he gave me a ticket for a ship I'd never heard of.

    I finally felt confident that me and my friends could take down the gym leader without issue.

    Her guards... Were...

    But it was finally time to claim my second badge.

    We had a bit of trouble with her second pokemon, but overall it was an easy battle.

    Thank you Kadabra.

    I'll keep Weepinbell until I catch my next pokemon.

    Yet another Rocket, I am disheartened to know they are all over Kanto and Jhoto.
    Hopefully I'll be able to shut them down when I become Kanto's champion.

    Thunder Badge

    The first Pokemon I found!

    And a fresh start.

    Surge, here I come!

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