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    Originally Posted by voicerocker View Post
    With Pokemon being Nintendo's 2nd biggest franchise, even above The Legend of Zelda, I doubt the majority of kids don't know what Pokemon is. The only reason people suspect Pokemon is "fading" is because it was a fad years ago and nearly everyone was into Pokemon for a while. But the most important thing people need to look at is the sales of the main series games. Gen 5 broke sales records, which is a good sign that the games are still popular, with B2W2 selling also selling well. (And they've yet to be released internationally)

    As far as toys go, there was a good long time that the Walmart where I live didn't carry any Pokemon toys. But they started again when Gen 5 started. I think Pokemon is still very popular, it just isn't a fad anymore.
    Except this isn't a minor decrease in ratings for the show, this is more like a steep decrease. And I've seen toys for DP, a few times whenever I travel.

    I also should point out that the ratings are significantly decreasing even in Japan, where Pokemon there is definitely not a fad. According to the Japanese ratings the last I checked, which was around the time DP was starting, AG had done worse than even Johto, with DP only being a brief increase, and even then only down to Advanced Battle. It seemed to decrease from the 9 to the 8, maybe 7 range.

    However, just because the anime gets cancelled completely doesn't mean the games will be cancelled as well. Need I remind you that both Mario and Zelda are still continuing strong despite their TV shows being cancelled very early into their run (Mario's TV series stopping at Super Mario World, and Zelda didn't even last more than a season)? If they could pull it off, Pokemon most certainly can as well.