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    Originally Posted by weedle_mchairybug View Post
    Except this isn't a minor decrease in ratings for the show, this is more like a steep decrease. And I've seen toys for DP, a few times whenever I travel.

    I also should point out that the ratings are significantly decreasing even in Japan, where Pokemon there is definitely not a fad. According to the Japanese ratings the last I checked, which was around the time DP was starting, AG had done worse than even Johto, with DP only being a brief increase, and even then only down to Advanced Battle. It seemed to decrease from the 9 to the 8, maybe 7 range.
    Like I said, the ratings on everything are decreasing. It might interest you to know that, despite having "low" ratings, Pokemon still regularly makes it into the top ten highest rated animes with decent regularity. And the Pokemon anime is still popular in japan- they regularly release Pokemon merchandise in conjunction with Pokemon that appear in the show, and they ever released Cilan and Ash figures fairly recently.

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