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I've been shadowing this thread for a while now which is the cool way of saying stalking. I must say that most of these are really well done. Your trainer sprites are very appealing and of very nice quality. Some game creators/hackers are very lucky to have you helping them.

On the other hand the fakemon sorta look like they're getting better. As someone mentioned they do indeed have that Digimon feel to them. I think the shark one only looks Digimon-ish because there's like a personality to him (which is really good but sorta out of place in a Pokemon).

For this sprite what I suggest you try is making it look more towards the player (basically make him face us more than he is now). If you look at some similar official sprites:

You'll notice Charizard's positioning is towards the camera. (Keep in mind that this is the front sprite, so the one when you battle you see him in this sprite. In battle he will be positioned on the right hand side of the screen, creating the illusion that he's facing the player's Pokemon).

The other thing about that sprite I wanted to mention was the claws on it's feet. They look a little jagged and his feet should be longer in my opinion. Lastly the tail was evidently sprited to be sortof bent and curved, but it looks more like a ghost tail (one you'd expect to see on Duskull), if you shaded it a little on the bending areas it'll look a little more 3D.

That's all I got to say this time around. Good sprite work, I look forward to seeing more and keep it up!
Some of the c+c might not be 100% accurate, but I'm no expert so sorry about that just stated my opinion :D
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