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    Originally Posted by Snarkbutt View Post
    I can't give much detail on the context of this happening because it happens erratically in many different situations. This error message keeps popping up and crashing the game:

    It has so far only happened in outdoor maps, and most often happens on certain maps near where they transition to another map. At first it just happened occasionally while walking around, but I recently put an item near (not on) the edge of one of the problem maps, and a similar message appears when I try to pick it up. The message is the same except for the first few lines:

    This happened a few times in the unmodified version, but it's hard to recreate in a different project because it seems to have hotspots. I have no idea what it is about these maps that makes it happen more often.
    Unmodified version 9? Because your error messages make no sense according to the code in v9.

    Originally Posted by Snarkbutt View Post
    Other minor bugs:

    If I use debug mode to faint all my party pokemon, the player will not black out, and trying to enter a battle and send out a Pokemon will break the game.
    (I did this while trying to test a restarting script)

    If a ledge tile is adjacent to water, the play can surf over it; they will hop over the ledge and keep surfing on the ground. Happens if away from the water is down the ledge.

    Pokemon can switch out after being hit by rock tomb

    Mirror Coat reflected the damage from an attack that missed.

    SUCKERPUNCH worked when I switched the target Pokemon out (not readying an attack). I'm going to keep it that way for my game because I like it, but I don't think that is supposed to happen.
    1 - It's debug mode, it's supposed to let you do things you couldn't ordinarily do. To test fainting, just poison your last able Pokémon and allow fainting from poison.

    2 - Don't put ledges next to water, then.

    3 - Shouldn't they? Rock Tomb just lowers the target's speed; no switching restrictions there.

    4 - Noted.

    5 - Sucker Punch's effect doesn't exist yet. It just works like a regular attack.
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