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    Anime Styled Pokemon League Conference would be so totally badass. It can work just like the Elite Four, if the player loses, they restart, you get a randomly selected opponent like the Battle frontier, and you battle your rival(s) at some point in the tournament like the anime.

    It'd be perfect, plus a torch runner kind of event before the tournament like in Ash Gray.

    3 VS 3 is enough for me, any more than that would be too much and it'd take like 10 mintues just for the 1st actual battling (attacking exchange) to start because you'd have to pick a move for all 4, 5, or even 6 of your Pokemon.

    A fully-integrated clothing system. Players can buy clothes for their in-game overworld which would make the whole Wi-Fi experience a whole lot better.

    The return of the Wi-Fi Plaza. The Wi-Fi Plaza was a fun feature in Pokemon Platinum and I was greatly saddened of it's absence in Gen 5.

    I got more but that's a lot to type.