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Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Probably Kayaba, hid himself in the public for safety, and I think he'll be the final boss of the game... :)
... mind blown. That's an amazing idea, I didn't think he'd show up again at all but it would be very interesting! I bet he's actually in the game himself, that way he'd never be arrested or killed since he'd be connected to the Nerve Gear and if they disconnected him, he'd die and never be able to stop the game :o If this is true then I really hope he is a boss or something and he's just a really kickass player that they have to fight. Him solo'ing against Kirito would be a very epic showdown! Although I can't imagine him playing fairly without editing the game's mechanics or something like he did at the start >.>

So I have Blade's permission to start a new topic! I'm wondering if you guys would want to live in Aincrad? If the Nerve Gear was real and you knew that if you played this game you wouldn't be able to get out without completing it, would you play it? You can answer either ignoring the "dying in game = dying in reality" thing or including it, or maybe answer both! It'd be a lot of time lost from the real world, but the experiences in the game could be just as valuable as those in real life based on Kirito and Asuna's relationship. So would you play it?