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Dunn, who was effing exhausted, walked into Accumula town after a four week long journey to get here. Freaking parents with their freaking 'make yourself a better person' trip. Arceus I'm mad! The handsome young lad was furious by the looks of it, but his exhaustion overpowered his anger. He trudged through the streets of the smallish town, glancing at the various buildings. D.D.D was looking for a Pokemon Center specifically so he could rest for an hour or two. Walking from Milstalton to Accumula could be exhausting. After half an hour of wandering, he found the glowing shrine to healing and rest. "Thank Arceus!" He said aloud. He walked into the building and collapsed on the nearest bench, and drifted off to sleep.

After a couple hours, Dunn woke up. "Time to go." He sighed and trudged towards the new Route 1. He spotted several trainers with pokemon running around them, random old people out for strolls, and children begging their parents for petty things such as lemonade or ice cream. After seeing more people than he wished, he finally arrived at the wild grassland. Time to avoid some wild pokemon. Seeing as he was fast, he had a good chance of making to Nuvema without running into a pokemon. In a split second he was off. In his mind, something echoed in his mind. He was sprinting through the waist high grass as fast as possible, hoping that nothing would attack him...but his hope ran dry. A Purrloin leapt out at his face, but Dunn barely avoided it. It continued to chase him until he tripped and landed face first right in front of Professor Juniper's lab.
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