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Herlo! I did not forget about this challenge! I just got really busy irl and also had a lot of other challenges going on, haha. I made a lot of progress today though. I beat daddy, went through the sea, the abandoned ship, New Mauville, lots of Trick Houses I missed, the super grassy route, put Team Magma in their place, beat up Brendan, and went all the way down to the Safari Zone to search for my next party member, Heracross. No luck yet, so maybe next time I play this in like a month I will find it. :)

Player: Alice
Game: Ruby
Color: Blue

Brandeis / Swampert (m) lv. 43 @ Quick Claw
Surf, Strength, Ice Beam, Mud Shot

Celeste / Altaria (f) lv. 43 @ Amulet Coin
Dragonbreath, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Fly

Hopefully in my next update, I'll have at least my Heracross and...ugh Chimecho. Let's keep in mind, I have only found ONE wild Chimecho in RSE, and I've replayed these games a ton of times. The one I did find (back in like 04 btw) took about two hours. Wish me luck...I'm gonna need it, lol.
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