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-reads off gif in excitement- WAIT. WAIT. Did I just read Earthbound HD? real or is that just being sarcastic because ummmm omg if that's true i'm gonna go away and like...idk. Do something happy!!! For a long time!! Till release date...!! it's lying for real though isn't it...right?
Yeah, it's a joke. =p (I think the gif is a few months old too).

I know I will likely end up getting the WiiU sooner or later, but I am unsure of when that would be. Not sure about launch as I have spent/will spend a lot of money already on a trip early next year, and already have lots of stuff to do on my 3DS. And just Pikmin3 is not enough for me just yet, as amazing a series as that is and how good it looks thus far. Australia's prices are predictably more than everyone elses, but on the flip side they could have been worse! So hmm.
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