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*gets yelled at, joins club*

Lets get started!
So the nerve gear will kill the person by frying their brain if it is removed or power to it is lost completely. It has a battery in it incase of power outtages that will keep it going for a while but if power isnt restored the person will die. Im pretty sure thats how it was explain but I cant really remember it was like 11 weeks ago now >.>

Kayaba probably has it set up so no matter what happens to him the game has to be completed how he wants it to be for them to be able to escape from it, failure to do so will result in failure for them to escape the game. Im pretty sure hes way to smart to get caught as well so hes probably got himself hidden away somewhere so no one can stop him. Also I think he will be the last boss as well.

About living in Aincrad, it would all depend on how my life in the real world was like. Personally I would prefer to get trapped in it without knowing that going into it would result in me getting trapped there until it is completed, at least I wouldnt really be able to regret my decision that way.