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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
Well, there are two things at play. There's the party's platform and then there's the candidate's own platform. They don't have to agree 100% and, I would guess, usually don't. It wasn't long ago where we had Republicans primaries going on, right? Different candidates from the same party who did not agree with each other.

So, that isn't necessarily too strange to me. That on certain days they seem to be themselves and on other days echo official party positions is probably just what the campaign tells them to do.
Shouldn't the candidate platform and the party platform be sort of similar anyway? But this isn't really him vs. the party since it's his own remarks that he's contrasting. It's him vs. his own campaign.

In other news, that anti-union law from Wisconsin got thrown out by the courts recently, which should prove a big blow to Scott Walker and Republicans there in general.

In Iowa anti-voting laws were also blocked by the courts. They were prevented there from introducing new voter ID laws (read: voter suppression) and the courts said they couldn't also purse voter roles. It was a good day for checks and balances, but sadly there are plenty of states which might still have their restrictive laws in place when the election comes.
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