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    Originally Posted by mavy42 View Post
    Position you want to apply: Spriter, Text Editor, Title Screen Changer, I can also insert Pokemon..... , Textbox Editor if needed!
    Proof of work:

    Why you want to join this team?: Practice and for fun!
    Timezone: UTC +8
    Contact: VM/PM

    Proof for trainer spriting coming soon! The titlescreen is like that because it's my first! I have created more cool title screens!
    Hello! Nice to meet you!
    It's cool to have a fellow spriter in the team (been spriting for 4 years)!
    What I especially need from you is Trainer Sprites, Titlescreens (can you insert them too?), and can you crop some of my sprites to 64x64?
    Do you have skype? If not you will have to make one. Not for videocalls, just normal texting.

    Oh btw,
    HIRED! :D

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