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    What are your opinions on subjects such as same-sex marriage, abortion, the death penalty, and so on? Why?
    Same-Sex Marriage: Surely they can do better at staying together than straight people, yes? I say "Yay"! Love is love.

    Abortion: I am with it. Can you image what the population would be like if nobody aborted their babies? Can you image what would happen if you couldn't abort a baby because you didn't have the money to care for them, let alone feed?

    Death Penalty: Again. All about population. If there is ABSOLUTE evidence (physical evidence that cannot be mistakened; such as videotape) then it is a yes. Mostly if it is murder, serial rape, ect.

    Why are your beliefs the way they are?
    I consider myself eclectic pagan (wiccan), not atheist. However, much of my beliefs are tied into everything else. My beliefs are this way because (hopefully) I understand how the human mind generally works, as well as what most religions believe in and why.

    Do you believe in any form of life after death?
    Yes. What I believe in, is that something of power cannot affect your life or judge you after death if you do not believe in them. So, if you do not believe in the Christian God (Yahweh), he cannot affect your life or after-death, should it exist in your mind. All religious worlds and deities exist in sub-realms, but cannot be opened to you unless you believe in their existance.

    Do you believe in aliens?
    Green humanoid men and slug-like blobs? No. Life forms from outside Earth, yes.

    Does your family and friends know about your faith? If no, why not?
    My mom and friends do. My dad does not. He does not know because;

    1. My parents are separated
    2. He does not believe in magick, and is very tight-skinned about religion in general (He believes in a God, but does not place himself in any sort of religion)

    If God does exist, what do you think it would be like?
    I notice that much of the discussion here is directly over Christian belief. The correct way to ask this question would be "If deity does exist, what do you think they would be like?"... Anyways, I believe that all spirit and deity have personalities just like ours. There is no "completely good" or "completely bad" being. They all appear to us differently, however. Many associate angels and deities as humanoid, because it is the most comfortable image to see them as. Though in reality, they may come to you as light, an animal, or even something that doesn't even resemble anything you've seen before.

    What are your family's general religious beliefs?
    My mother and father do not associate themselves with any sort of religious order, yet believe there is a God. I am not so sure about other family members (Such as cousins, grandmothers, ect) however.
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