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    Hey guys, haven't been ere in a while or hunted. Just wanted to say congrats to everyone and their shinies and that now that i've finished my assignments and I can ACTUALLY HUNT. I've Also got a brand new Shiny hunting youtube account, right here


    My Current Hunts

    - After deciding to not get a Shiny Blitzle, I changed to Village Bridge where I am hunting Braviary (Epic Blue Shiny) @ 2, 212 RE's.
    - Thinking about restarting SS so I can SR a starter.

    Still no luck. I'm trying to make the Braviary be a Live shiny so i've been going hardcore and I had 205 RE's on camera. That adds up to about 1 hour and 20 mins total recording. Am I sort of slow at RE's on camera? I can get about 920 SR's in an hour, but in my last video I recorded, in half an hour I got 91 RE's. Is that slow? I also intend to hatch all my random egg's and hope one of em's shiny xD. My goal for today is to get to 3, 007 RE's, meaning I'd have done about a weeks work in one day. It also means that I would of done 1, 000 RE's. It's all going to be on camera as well, just in case. I know this is a big edit, but I've been really inactive. Well anyway I intend to do a lot more hunting even if it IS boring. Seeya guy's, i'll post an update tomorrow .

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