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Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
Manga 507

I don't quite understand the "west" ability of Yamamoto's bankai, Zanji-tsugoki.
Is it like a cloak of flames that he uses as armor?
And why could anyone else see it initially?
The way I saw it, both East and West were initiated upon activation. East was concentrating his flames on the edge of his sword (and I think when he said "East" it was physically revealed?), and West is when his body is engulfed in flames (and when he said "West", we could see it).

Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
Okay, so the very reason shinigami fight the quincy in the first place is that they eradicate things without a trace.

Old guy's bankai... LET'S ERADICATE THINGS WITHOUT A TRACE! Also insanely hot super flame armor and you're killing the entire dimension you're fighting in.
Though, if you're stating that seriously, it's more that Quincies eradicate hollows in particular. Yamamoto has his normal zanpakutou, shikai, and kidou that could still purify hollows, and he rarely uses bankai.

Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
Can someone clear something up for me? Ichigo's dad is he a
soul reaper?

I stopped watching for a bit after they saved Rukia and just got back into it so I missed some stuff but was playing one of the games and I swear they said something about his dad being one or at least I think it was his dad's name
Not going to spoiler, since it's all been aired on US television - but yes he is. (That's actually Kon in the corner, not Ichigo). From what we learn from that scene, he was a former Captain (which we know from the remnants of his Haori) though we don't know what squad.
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