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    As promised, updates!

    I have decided to change the name of Deep Balance to Pokémon Nova Luna. This fits better with the new storyline I have in mind and sounds better too!

    This little screenshot shows the local Professor, Professor Ringo. It is the first real custom sprite in the game. Thanks to the awesome Kid1513 for spriting it and to Ollyheid for designing the character!

    The opening post got updated as well. Including a whopping 12 new screenshots!

    The Lurna Region: A place full of adventure and happy people. Life's good: There is much welfare, pollution is nearly gone, the communities in villages are happy. The crime rate has dropped to a new low and is expected to drop even more. Trees and flowers are planted more and more, very few people are poor and not too many people are very rich.
    All of this happiness is expressed in the form of Pokémon battles. Inhabitants of this very region love to either compete in battle or to watch it. Young people love it, but older people do as well. Tournaments are being held often, some official, some not, and the most prominent one is the Pokémon League. It is being held when 512 people in the region have qualified for the tournament by obtaining eight badges. Badges can be obtained by defeating the leaders of so called "Pokémon Gyms", scattered across the region. If you obtain your eight badge too late and 512 people did before you, you can't participate in the tournament.
    Most recently, the dad of our hero became Champion. He won the final battle on Hawk’s Peak, a mountain peak famous for its enduring history of the greatest Trainers ever battling on it, after a long, harsh knockout-tournament. His Battle Style, Pokémon and strategy were superior to his opponent's.
    This year, he would defend his title. The runner-up from last year's tournament made it to the final battle again. This time though, it is different...
    Over the course of time, everything changes. The last few years, several evil organizations were on the rise. First Team Rocket, followed by Team Aqua and Team Magma, then Team Galactic and ultimately Team Plasma. Every team was defeated by a different young hero, who all became a legend. This time is no different. We need a new hero. We need…you. For it is the shadow that consumes us all…


    • 200 Pokémon of all generations, nearly all of them being fan-favourites!
    • A whole new world for you to explore, with hidden stuff everywhere!
    • More storyline-centered.
    • Not one rival, not two, but three!
    • This game is more difficult than the official games.


    Visit my DeviantArt account for more:

    Development Team
    P-Sign - Graphics, Mapping, Eventing, Storyline, practically everything.
    Ollyheid - Character Design
    Kid1513 - Spriting

    None yet.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How can I enter a house?
    A: Press [C] in front of a door.
    Q: When will the next version be released?
    A: You will hear that soon enough.
    Q: I get an error everytime the game starts...
    A: Google the error before posting it. More than often the error has nothing to do with the game, but with the computer you're using.
    Q: Can I do a Let's Play of your game?
    A: Sure! I absolutely love Let's Plays so go ahead. I'd love it if you'd send me the link!



    Major Pokémon Black and White Ripping Project




    Special thanks

    Stormcross Studios
    All my watchers on DeviantArt

    Well, that's it for now. I am going to send the game to my Beta Tester who will also fix all grammar and spelling issues. Afterwards I'll send it to a few people who wanted to do a Let's Play of it and then the community will be able to play!