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    Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
    Oooh, as for the Pichu issue, I know for a fact that you can catch wild Pikachu in the Meadow Zone in the Safari Zone. I've played through the hack before but I can not remember if you can breed Pokemon, and if so, where at the moment. :x As for the Poke Ball issue, one thing I found is that by carrying a Bidoof around with me, thanks to its Pick Up ability I'd occasionally get Ultra Balls.
    A Bidoof already found me a Nugget. My first reaction was: "MONEY!"

    And if that's true about the Safari Zone, I'd be wise to backtrack and search for Pichu. How common are the Pichus there? I wish we had a list of all Pokémon that can be found; I ought to go looking for that in AdvanceMap.

    EDIT: Another bug. The custom (I think) music when entering Route 403 and the music emerging from a battle on Route 403 are not the same piece of music. After a battle, it changes over to a recognizable theme from R/S/E. Not that I have a problem with that theme, just that the music should be the same.

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